Above: Plants and zombies put aside their differences to have a dance party
Above: The zombies have nothing to hide. Their agenda is clear
Above: Delicious cupcake pixel art shaped like a sunflower

Above: We wish we took advantage of this photo opportunity

Above: Booth babes are old hat. Pod girls are the new hotness

Above: The highlight of the event was Laura Shigihara’s live performance of the Plants vs. Zombies theme song. We love her bright, lilting voice

Above: The Plants vs. Zombies theme song, performed by Laura Shigihara

Above: Oh, yeah. The game was on show, too!

The XBLA version of Plants vs. Zombies will bring two new multiplayer modes to the table. You can now team up to hold off hordes of the undead or face off in a special challenge mode. PopCap is also introducing a customized house that will let you track and share your progress. There will also be a new mini-game and, of course, achievements.