Kaleidoscope is described as “an EPIC colors parade that runs July 7th on the streets of NYC. A sneaky, lush undisclosed SUMMER spectacle, participants come all dressed in their most phantastic & brightest getup. The smiling crew rolls through a secret route chock filled with play, surprises, flowy-flags, Silk, hoops, brass bands and fun crazy magical moments. Various modes of public transport have been vetted for our use. When the event seems to be overflowing with a happy MADDNESS we shanghai our participants to an underground loft: a superb multi-floor digital beat palace extending to a show on the roof with gobs of live music, dj’s, ‘poi’, multi-piece brass band and unending entertainment and all with out a cover charge of any kind.  KALEIDOSCOPE Bringing back the free underground.”

Each person stands out in either a single rainbow luminosity, a tint that screams fab or they’ll go loud with many colors adding flourishes or dousing themselves in Feathers and Flow. It’s one of the few chances to be ultra creative — from wicked to cirque to magique to inspire. A never ending stream of lights stilts, juggle, el-wire, hoops, unicorn heads..will make it a wonderful eve.


This event lacks openness on purpose – to provide multiple reveals of locations and activities for each person. Someplace modestly absurd is our destination. For once in our five years of “move along mentality” we’re not crashing as we’re the guests of honor to a private luxury bash, though there will much much wonderment to those who arrived before us.

It starts with a Kaleidoscope Beats Mobile Unit – yes its our first ever proprietary frolic machine to center the bass through our travels… and then, we’ll hear each and every one of our moving friends through their Kazoos, Hannah Montana Guitars, whistles, cans of pennies, whizzbangers, sound makers. It’s our best attempt to sing loud and proud and show our New York spirit.

About Kaleidoscope
An independent roving parade through NYC filled with colors, music, fire spinning, aerials. First run in 2007 we are a non entity who create this event to drive energy and spirit to this great town.